Annual meeting
We stage an annual Meeting where the most valuable national and international Tango related people [maestros, teachers, DJs, organizers, …] and other forward-thinking organisations are joined by the Ambassadors and acting as World Tango Society. It provides a forum where all can express their views. At the Meeting, delegates debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the issues Argentine Tango faces. Sharing experience and exchanging knowledge to implement worldwide. The source for new visions, i.e. organising  Tango Championships, a quality label for dance schools, how to encourage young people into tango as they play a crucial role in the future of its shape, …

Afterwards, the World Tango Society Ambassadors, take the inspiration they gained from the Meeting and turn it into a meaningful impact. They work on their own initiatives or lend the power of the worldwide tango community to those initiatives already in existence. They return to their dance community, tango company, and set about creating modifications, regenerations, novelties from within, energising their dance environment. If you think you meet the requirements, we welcome you to apply to attend the first Meeting by sending a request. If your profile is approved it will be displayed on the World Tango Society website. The first World Tango Society Meeting 2019 will take place in The Hague, Netherlands, Saturday the 23th of February 2019. To apply:

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