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18 april

TBF Residence Hotelstudio

Its official, our second residence Hotel with fully furnished and tastefully decorated rooms for Tango Beach Festival. Its just 10 minute’s walk to our Beach venue and has a direct connection by public transport to our City venue H3.
In front of the door you will find free parking on the streets. Special price 30 -35 euros pp pn!
Do you want to stay overnight at this special rate, important to call the code “Tango Beach Festival”.
Available for the festival about 40 rooms, from single up to 8 people per room.
Reserve as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

You only can book with a minimum of 2 persons for this price and the code “Tango Beach Festival”. If you are alone, no worries. Send us an email and we can arrange it for you, together with others.

17 april 2018

New Sponsor – Holland Casinos

Sun, sea, beach, new friends, tango, good food, drinks and lots of fun! Your perfect holidays in royal city The Hague!!
We have a new sponsor: Holland Casinos!
Between 27 Aug and 3 September you can visit the hyper modern Casino free of charge, opposite Kurhaus with reference to TBF.
You can also get a discount package of 35 euros, including free entrance, €35 free play money, free snacks and drinks.
Of course not during dance hours 🙂
View Holland Casino from Hotel Kurhaus, TBF venue!

16 april 2018

Free parking Scheveningen beach, The Hague

€0,00 costs beach festival & marathon 24/7
Badhuisweg along the forest, starting from the crossing with Brusselselaan.
Nieuwe Parklaan starting from the crossing with the Nieuwe Duinweg. Also the sideroads like Cremerweg and Wagenaarweg.
A little further away the Pompstationsweg and all the side roads on the East side (direction The Hague centre) like Tapijtweg can be used to park your care without paying.
All the locations indicated are 10 to 15 min walking to the beach. You can also use bus 23 (Alkemadelaan) or tram 9 (Nieuwe Parklaan) direction Scheveningen beach. One stop only.

April 4
Sea, sun, Tango on Instagram

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…and get warm during the whole year! Picture and videos from the festival & Marathon and lots of happy moments captured by our amazing festival photographers
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Milonga Lounge Music – Tango Vals
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Milonga Lounge Music – Neo Tango Nuevo
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Milonga Lounge Music – Argentine Tango
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