Dresscode for the Gala Ball

Saturday, February 23, we have a grand Gala Ball in the impressive Kurzaal.In this room there is a salon for lovers of traditional Tango, Cabeceo, Codigo’s! a dresscode applies to this room. Feel free to join. No obligations as long as it is stylish/classy..

Ladies :
Feel like a queen, act like a princess. Put on your most fabulous dress. Extravaganza is allowed. To complete the picture wear high heels. Don’t forget your striking jewelry and accessories : sparkles, glitter, beautiful fans, … Now turn a few times in front of your mirror, say you personal spell and a magical evening can start. Your mission is to glow and twinkle on the ball. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Men :
You want to impress ? Wear Black tie , a tuxedo or a festive outfit that lets you feel like a galant nobleman. Be confident and radiate your royal status.

Milonga Lounge Music – Argentine Tango
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