Friday febr 28: Roaring Twenties theme party
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In our opinion, the Roaring Twenties offer the ideal ingredients for an exciting and exuberant theme salon in Kurhaus during the second edition of the World Tango Congress.
This turbulent period resembles the present time in some respects.
For example, much development in the field of fashion, music, lifestyle and prosperity.
After a short recession in 1921 a period of “easy money” followed. Thereby life was celebrated exuberantly. In the cities, night clubs with casinos, jazz cafés and exciting speakeasies opened where illegal cocktails were sold. We will also take good care of it during the congress. Three days in the luxury 5-star Kurhaus we enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

Saturday febr 29: The Masquerade Ball
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Prepare yourself, because it will be a magical evening full of surprises.
The masks are ready, in many different types and colors. You choose which suits you and your outfit best. You can also bring your own mask.
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Sunday March 1st: no dresscode

Milonga Lounge Music – Argentine Tango