Intermediate Bootcamp!

Ever thought that you can learn tango in one weekend? And in addition, that you build up enough confidence, to really enjoy milongas?

We offer a totally new approach. Learn quickly and with confidence. Tango Bootcamp is designed by dancers for dancers. The masters themselves experienced the pleasures and pains in the learning proces. Difficult parts will be acknowledged but in the light of the bootcamp philosophy will be as much as possible tackled. The aim is to dance confidently and joyfully. The aim is also to gain self-assurance in milonga’s.

What do we offer?

In a happy and fun environment we want you to meet with other tango dancers from all over the world. To be at ease and comfortable with fellow interested attendees. Lessons are given by a real Argentinean maestro.

– Lots of fun, in a relaxt atmosphere, learning basics and more. A combination of fun and learning.
– Refreshen your skills. If you had tango classes long ago, quitted the tango world and now want to pick it up again and join the community, you are most welcome.
– Dancers who want to go through the transition proces from beginner to intermediate.
– Build more confidence in the overwhelming world of Argentine Tango, a guide to what is going on, what stands for what?
– Make new memories that will last a life time.

Learn to dance ALL your tango basic/intermediate+ in only eight (8) hours. An accelerated program.

During the day you will practice with the other students and dance salon-wise in a separate room. This is only for and with the bootcamp-students, as to become in a safely and laid back way familiar with this typical dance party. So first gain confidence in a closed salon. Later that evening you are invited to the Congress where you will be able to dance night away as you have learned it.

Guide Syllabus
The 2 day weekend will contain the following elements:
– Walking and Tango Music (salida + musica)
– Tango Embrace (abrazo)
– Tango Balance + Weight Transfer (balanceas y cambios de peso)
– Basic 8 Step (basico)
– Forward + Backward Steps +Pivots (ocho para atras + ocho defrente)
– Leg displacements and interruptions (sacadas)
– Leg sweeps + throws (boleos)
– Stops and Drags (paradas + arrastres)
– Sandwich steps (sanguchitos)
– Turns + half turns (giros + media giros)
– Leg hooks (ganchos)
– Changes of direction + bounce steps
– Connection, improvisation, embellishment
– Putting it together
– Milonga dancing
– Musicality + phrasing
– Tango Music history

You can choose one or two days or the complete program.
Couples only! [If you don’t have a dance partner, you can contact us, and we do our best to find you one.]

Saturday, the 23th of February, Mini-bootcamp 4 hrs 100 €
Sunday, the 24th of February, Mini-bootcamp 4 hrs 100 €
Saturday and Sunday Mini-Bootcamp 8 hrs 175 €

How to apply?
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