Bigger, Better, .. Longer!

2019 was overwhelming and the planning for the next congress was in 2 or 3 years. But the vibe and requests were so overwhelming that we couldn’t stay away that long. Despite the diversity of the first edition, it ended too quickly for many of you. That is why, in 2020, we go bigger, better, longer!

Bigger 💥
With not one, not two, but three rooms in 2020!

Better 💥
More time on the congress also means more music. tandas and fun. .
The Neo fans not only wanted to dance longer but also visuals. It will be there. Tanda Rosa and Host Male Dancers will make wallflowers smile. Even prices of the 5 star rooms and the food are now substantially more attractive, especially for this congress!

Longer 💥
From 2020 onwards, the closing times of the congress are also extended: on Thursday until 03.00, on Friday and Saturday until 05.00 hours and on Sunday until 01.00 hours. This means lots of hours more to tanda. You understood right, thursday added!

Bigger, Better, .. Longer Edition 2020

✅ 3rd room: Dance/Latin/Rock & Roll New
✅ Kurhaus overnight 110€ only Upgraded!
✅ Kurhaus shared room 55€ only! New
✅ Show performances
✅ World Fashion Show New
✅ Pre Congress Intensives New
✅ Tango Orquesta, Live! New
✅ Flashmob Boulevard Kurhaus
✅ Closing time now 05.00 a.m. Upgraded!
✅ Masquerade, Roaring Twenties New
✅ Diving in the Sea!
✅ Red Carpet – Moment of Fame
✅ Neo visuals New
✅ 2 rooms / Neo & Traditional
✅ Interactive Presentation History Tango
✅ Pop-up events
✅ More workshops Upgraded!
✅ > 60 hrs Milongas/Neolongas Upgraded!
✅ Host male dancers New
✅ Lunch 15€, Dinner 30€ Upgraded!
✅ 4 days congress -Thursday New
✅ Tanda Rosa New
✅ Pre Sale & Early bird tickets! New

Milonga Lounge Music – Argentine Tango