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TBF2018 offers a possibility to present your products. Lots of tango lovers will gather in one place. They all have one thing in common – they love dancing. This exceptional society includes people of 20-65 years old, coming from different cultures, environments, with diverse professions. Tango stimulates hormones of happiness, gives a dose of positive adrenaline and these emotions united the people during these 3 marathon days. Use this opportunity and present your products and promote your business!

All vendors are requested to contact Miriam to obtain information on availability of sales space. Sales stand during 3 days of the festival in the main venue – Tasty Comedy, De Pier, Scheveningen Beach.
We provide tables and chairs to the vendors

Milonga Lounge Music – Tango Vals
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Milonga Lounge Music – Neo Tango Nuevo
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Milonga Lounge Music – Argentine Tango
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