Lia Koetsier

Lia Koetsier  .

Lia Koetsier – Yoga Teacher

Sunday march 1st
10.15 – 11.15 Lia Koetsier Yoga


Number of places is very limited so be sure to book your place on time!
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Hi , im Lia, i like to introduce myself as a yoga teacher . Im practicing and teaching yoga for many years now. Im really looking forward to Teach the yoga seminar. Seven years ago i met my teacher “tulku lobsang” and hè taught me “Lu Jong” – tibetian healling yoga Through Tibetan yoga you Will Discover the healing power of being present beyond your thinking mind Lu jong is beneficial for your health and Happiness Trough the combination of position, movement and breath , Lu Jong opens the Chanels in the body and mobilizes misdirected energy in this way , the practice of Lu Jong helps to cultivate balance on the physical , mental and energetic levels .

Tulku Lobsang who introduced the pracrice of Lu Jong to the west , he was able to collect these precious exercises and modeling then to western needs . The result is a extensive program of physical movements which bring our bodies and minds into balance

The practice of Lu Jong is sutable for all ages and physical ablilites While the movements of Lu Jong are simple they can surely change your life Ilooking forward to give this workshop to the people so they can feel the benefits of Lu Jong So you can dance with more balance and Happiness


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