Tango Amar

Tango Amar  .

Geert Stragier & Goedele Verschelde
Neo Tango

The workshop Neo Tango was about different smooth backwards saccadas combined with ganchos and sentadas … also the feeling of the music the explanation and focus on the posture.
Geert Stragier under the name “TangoAmar” dances the Argentine tango with great dedication. Geert has specialized in this passionate dance in the last 15 years and dances on a professional level.

Geert Stragier & Goedele Verschelde is one of the Belgian tango dancers who knows this discipline well. Learning from the best is his motto. He likes hard work, discipline and always brings out the best of himself. He always looks for perfection! Geert Stragier under the name “TangoAmar” dances the Argentine tango with great dedication.

Geert once put his first tango cards at Pol Van Assche, in the meantime Geert has already done numerous performances. Twice Noche d’Amor, a full Queen Elizabeth Hall Rega Concert / Libertango I went on tour with the well-known Praga Khan from Ab Brussel to Cursaal Oostende etc … worked together with Robert Groslot (Night of the Proms) and with the choreographer Marc Bogaerts (Ballet of Flanders, Angels of the night, Cirque de soleil) to get there some to mention …

Geert Stragier and his dance partner give numerous courses from absolute novice dancers to highly advanced students, give workshops, exercise learning … As well as the Milonga and the Tangowals, Nuèvo and Electro-Tango, modern dance is discussed. Makes his own choreographies, he has created a Special act on ‘Miss-Vlaanderen elections “Casino Knokke” for the final presentation … Is sometimes a model for various magazines and fashion magazines such as for clothing store Deleye and for top photographers …

He has a spirited dance style with lots of energy, combined with a lot of passion! When he performs together with his dance partner, they take you into their story full of surrender and empathy … and they dance from the heart


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