Female technique
- Bootcamp 3 days, 6hrs

Female technique  .

Special Tangueras: Tango Ladies Shining (All levels)

* The essence of the tango movement in women, technique and training to empower the female role.
* Feminine styles of walking, types of tread, how to play with the hip and decorations / Embellishments to decorate the march
* Embellishments marathon. From the simple to the complex

Do you want to discover your personal style and feel more confident with your dance? Do you feel that you need to improve your posture and balance? Do you want to discover a little more about the active role of women in tango ?, Would you like to learn Embelishments and leg games to bring creativity to your dance? These are some of the topics that we will work on during the intensive three-class program.

Carefully selected artists

Outstanding performers, great instructors, amazing social dancers
Our artists have it all. Learn in their workshops. Dance with them at night.

The classes will be divided into two parts: Part 1: exercises, technique and training of individual movements Part 2: application to sequences of movement and integration of the concepts.

25 euros per day
Full pass bootcamp, 3 days for 60 euros
Location: Kurhaus
No partner needed!
facebook: Be on time and register!

An advanced 6 hours bootcamp in 3 days.

Expect personal attention, close contact with the instructor, being corrected and spoken to directly.
While you learn the moves, you will also learn the general principles and brush up on your following. This workshop will teach you to dance, understand the music and is a blast. You will meet new friends and learn something that you will never regret.

No experience needed.
No partner needed.
No special equipement needed.

Number of places is very limited so be sure to book your place on time!
You have to register to participate – Send email to:

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