Enrique en Martina

Enrique en Martina  .


Saturday 29 february
17.30 – 18.45 Contactimprovisatie
“How can contactimprovisation enrich our tangodances”

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In contact improvisation there is no permanent leader and follower like we are used to in tango. Both dancers can make proposals or give direction in their dance. It is up to the dance partner whether he / she goes in that direction or introduces another direction or form. That is why a contact improvisation dance is lively, surprising and always new. Both dance partners contribute the same amount to the dance.

What would happen if we included that specific quality of contact improvisation in tango? We will tune, listen and learn to be open to surprising twists and turns and to the dance interpretation of our dance partner. This provides surprising new opportunities for both leader and follower in tango.

The workshop has no technical approach, an hour is too short for this, and is suitable for every tanguero / tanguera, leader / follower and for every level. The focus is on the enrichment of your tango dance.

About Enrique en Martina

“Small details can make a big difference”

Martina and Enrique got to know each other on the dance floor and soon realized that they had more or less the same view on tango and contactdance. They have made it a habit to visit the dance studio at least twice a week to work out aspects of Argentine tango or contact improvisation.
Their focus is on a relaxed body posture and embrace, their own musical interpretation, creativity but also a way of inviting leading as well as active following. They use their knowledge of the quality of movement of the body in their own dance but also in their teachings.
Martina and Enrique take Argentine tango and the movement possibilities of the body in contact improvisation as the starting point for their lessons. They pay attention to small details, such as body posture, that can make a big difference.
They use their ability to observe well to get the best out of each of their participants. They also know how to be modest so that you can dance relaxed; like nobody’s watching.
They regularly work with changing roles in leading and following. In their vision, the leader and follower can inspire each other and together they create the dance. Experience and background.Martina is trained as a dance therapist and has done classical ballet, jazz ballet and modern dance. She has also completed the training for dance expression teacher. She has been dancing tango since 2010 and giving tango lessons with Enrique since 2016.

Enrique has been dancing Argentinian tango and contact improvisation since 2008 and has also danced Salsa, African dance and danceimprovisation. Since 2012 he has been teaching in his own studio in Nijmegen. He has taught several times at contact and tango festivals in Germany and the Netherlands.


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