Emilia Andrada & Ezequiel Sanucci

Emilia Andrada & Ezequiel Sanucci  .

Fluency and balance in your dance

Tango Workshop Fluency and balance in your dance By Emilia Andrada and Ezequiel Sanucci (Arg)

During the dance, the balance in the couple contributes efficiency in the movement.
Likewise, the balance is in function of the embrace and how the individual axes interrelate to work together.
This shaft assembly is in constant connection with the floor. We will seek to improve the balance, embrace and connection of the couple to generate better momentum and greater fluidity in our dance.
Therefore, we will work also with combinations that will help us to train this skills.


Emilia Andrada
Teacher and Dancer in tango. Technical in dance, received at the
Etec de Art of Brazil. Creator and choreographer of the Charme Tango Company. Tango Dj.

She began hers studies in Argentina, in the Faculty of Arts in ballet and contemporary dance and in the National University of Art in tango and folklore from Buenos Aires. Emilia learned tango from masters such as Osvaldo and Coca Cartery, Julian Prestamo, Balmaceda, Los Veliz, Tanguito Ceja, Mario Morales, Graciela Gonzalez, Ana Maria Schapira among others. She was distinguished with a scholarship of training as dancer and teacher in DNITango school. In Brazil, she continued her training with international masters in contemporary dance, somatic education, Eutonia, Feldenkrais, research in art, audiovisual for dance, choreographic composition, stage lighting design and cultural management.

Emilia worked in different dance companies from Buenos Aires and other nationalities, traveling through Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina and participated in the cultural activities in Pan-American Games Guadalajara 2011, Bicentenary of the Independence of Bolivia, Theatro São Paulo with La Fura del Vals Spain Co. and others.

Emilia worked teaching tango, Dj’ing and danced in shows at the Festivalito of tango Liverpool, Tango Mango Festival (Totnes), Gilles Cuena Tango Space (Paris – France), Studio Inspiration (Fukuoka – Japan), Center of Reference of the Dance of the City of São Paulo and Etec Arts Center (SP – Brazil), and in different cities in UK (Belfast, Aberdeen, Norwich, Cambridge, Nottingham and another) Switzerland, Germany, Malta, Italy, Spain, Japan, Tunisia, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina.

In research in dance, she worked 3 years as artistic residents in the Center of Reference of the Dance of the City of São Paulo, with the support of the Secretary of Culture of São Paulo, on the projects Borboleta Tango, Atravessando Mundos and Tango City Tour.

Friday 22.02
Workshop Emilia & Ezequiel
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