Dj Zak Nicholas

Dj Zak Nicholas  .

Dj Zak (UK)

Friday 28 febr
20.00 – 01.00 Dj Zak (UK)

Saturday 29 febr
14.00 – 18.00 Dj Zak (UK)

Zak Nicholas started DJing Neo tango in 2014. He has played across the Uk, France, Italy and Germany. His style is unique as he draws upon his experience as a music producer to create individual peices of music which he mixes into Modern Neotango. His emphasis is on the passion , sensuality and drama of tango and this is clearly reflected in his music. Intense, sensual almost hypnotic Neo Tango at is best


DJ Zak
– a question of taste

Name: Zak Nicholas
Origin: UK

Rank your favorite music style when playing:
My favourite style on music is sensual and dramatic neo tango

Are you dancing yourself?
I do dance tango, I was trained in traditional tango, i have been dancing for 7 years , 2 years were daily private practive with the maestro Ricardo Delgado..I started dancing tango in 2012

Which year did you start to Dj?

What was the trigger that made you start DJing?
The trigger was the Rome Neo Tango marathon. Meeting Sonja Armisen and Elio Astor who I consider my mentors, later I discovered Anna Neum from moscow who is also inspirational.

What is the main quality a DJ needs to have from your point of view?
I think DJs need different qualities. They should not all have the same qualities otherwise every DJ would sound the same. The qualities I need , are to understand how important my music is to my audience, my music can make the entire weekend incredible and unforgettable, its a huge responsibility and every DJ should have 100 percent commitment to make the dancers weekend amazing and special EVEN if that means changing his style of music to suit the mood, he must sense what the audience wants and ask for feedback the following day so he can adjust… I believe everyone appreciates the sensuality and drama of tango so I concentrate on this.

About cortinas; how long, why and kind of music?
Usually 40 seconds and occasionally 2 minutes, cortinas help dancers to change partners and to lift the mood and to remind the room we are here to have fun, so expect super happy upbeat cortinas from me.. and i want the whole room

What is your playlist system? Always the same or do you adjust it; when and why?
My playlist is usually a journey, it very much depends on what the last DJ played.. but I like to take the dancer on a hypnotic journey where dancers can really enter the realm of the senses in term of connection, embrace , sensuality and technicality.

Somebody comes to the Dj booth and asks you to play a song. Your answer?
Some one wants a song at the booth my answer is yes as long as its tango, nuevo or neo tango, one song wont hurt anyone and unless its a truly awful song i will try to accomodate…..

What would be your last song you played on a Tango Festival or Marathon?
Last song would be “mans world” with james brown and pavarotti, classic vocals mixed with the power of pavarotti’s operatic vocal.

If you would have a free wish, which Festival or Marathon would you like to play at?
One of my wishes have already been granted. As i think the Hague is a truly unique experience..I love the Hague festival and its a priviledge to play here but i also will do Bremen in germany next year and bremen is seen as the Mecca for neo so its very special to DJ there.
Also the Rome Neo Marathon as Elio i see as my first inspiration.

“I believe everyone appreciates the sensuality, and drama of tango so i concentrate on this” – Dj Zak



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