Dj Toine

Dj Toine  .


Toine and Monique have been dancing tango for almost 30 years.
In the last twenty years they have established themselves as respected tango teachers in El Corte in Nijmegen, and Flor de Fango in Arnhem.
Joined by hundreds of tango dancers.
They frequently visit Buenos Aires to get their Tango infusion. Inspired by dancing at Milongas and taking workshops from the renowned masters, they bring this enthusiasm back to the Netherlands.
Their tango is all about fun, connection and playful elegance. This radiates from them and it is this, that they pass on to their students in their workshops …
From their workshop you can also expect to learn about playing with the subtle connections between directions, rhythm and contact.
We are looking forward to it!

Sunday 1 march
20.00 – 01.00 Dj ToineToine TwoOne

Milonga Lounge Music – Argentine Tango