DJ Katerina Yegorenkova

DJ Katerina Yegorenkova  .

– DJ Katerina Yegorenkova

Saturday 29 febr
14.00 – 18.00 Rising star Dj Katerina (Ukraine)

World Tango Society discovered her by chance through social media and then it turned out that she is an ambitious DJ talent, but also has very attractive skills. We can hardly wait to introduce her to this international congress. But before it comes to that, let’s first introduce you to this refreshing personality from Ukraine.

– a question of taste

Origin: Kharkiv, Ukraine. Journalist, TV-news presenter, poet


Rank your favorite music style when playing:
From my point of view, a milonga is an integral piece of music, built according to all the rules of theatrical and dramatic art: plot, plot development, culmination, denouement, epilogue… Delicate, strong, passionate, traditional and original at the same time, there are not enough adjectives to describe my style. For my DJ-sets I choose both traditional music of the Golden Age and modern tango orquestras. And to find the balance – that’s the main idea!

Are you dancing yourself?
I started to dance tango in 2012.  Since then Tango Argentino has become a huge part of my life and I’m completely involved in it.  I dance social tango and take part in tango shows, I travel a lot to visit international tango events. I can’t imagine my life without dancing tango – it gives me a lot of energy and pleasure.

Which year did you start to Dj?
I started in 2014, at the tango-studio in Kharkiv where I had tango-lessons and practice, and continued at other local milongas. Now I regularly play music at local milongas, tango-marathons and tango-festivals in Ukraine. WORLD TANGO CONGRESS 2020 will be my first experience of international DJ-ing!

What was the trigger that made you start DJing?
When I started learning tango, this music seemed boring and uninteresting to me… But the more I listened to tango at lessons and milongas, the more its multilayered and diverse nature in the musical expression of emotions opened up for me. I wanted to express myself through tango-music not only on the dancefloor, but also at the DJ-booth. The first experience was very successful, and since then every time I play with great pleasure and with great respect to tango-music and people who are passionate about tango.

What is the main quality a DJ needs to have from your point of view?
The main qualities of a DJ in my opinion are dedication to tango, love and respect to the heritage of tango music, good knowledge of musical material and a huge desire to give joy and pleasure to people who came dancing tango. DJ must be a master of taking care of the mood of the dancefloor, kindly proposing his/her music to the dancers, leading them during the DJ set and never leaving the ronda without sharing a strong and lovely energy!

About cortinas; how long, why and kind of music?
For me, cortinas are not just a music that sounds between tandas. I try to select cortinas in two ways – to continue the mood of the previous tanda or to create the mood for the next one. As cortinas I use any music that energizes and inspires me – rock, jazz, classical, lounge, folklore… As for duration of the cortina – it must be long enough for the couple to enjoy the tender aftertaste-hug following a magnificent tanda.

What is your playlist system? Always the same or do you adjust it; when and why?
It’s not just about love – I adore tango! I love dancing tango, listening to it, singing tango songs and playing tango-music at milongas.  The most important thing for me is people who came to a milonga. When I start a milonga, I never know how it will develop – I trust my intuition and people’s mood. I want tangueros to be happy during the dance night so I follow deliberately the mood of the dance-floor, I listen to its “breath” and play tandas “here and now” with no set-up playlists.

Somebody comes to the Dj booth and asks you to play a song. Your answer?
Perhaps I will say that my fee in this case will be too high))))
Seriously speaking, this has not happened to me yet and I hope it will not happen in the future. Because I’m sure that members of the tango community around the world respect codigos, respect the work of the DJ and respect themselves not to request that.

What would be your last song you played on a Tango Festival or Marathon?
The last song would be La Cumparsita. But which one – depends on the last tanda.
And I can never predict and guess what kind of last tanda I will play at the milonga – this decision will be dictated to me by the dance floor, by people and their energy

If you would have a free wish, which Festival or Marathon would you like to play at?
I would like to play at next editions of WORLD TANGO CONGRESS in two roles – traditional as well as neo)))


Milonga Lounge Music – Argentine Tango