World Djs , behind the scenes A.N

World Djs , behind the scenes A.N  .

– Dj Anna Neum

Saturday 29 febr
20.00 – 01.00 Dj Ana Neum (Russia)

Sunday 1 march
14.00 – 18.00 Dj Ana neum

In music since childhood, playing range from piano classics to rock band.
Fall in love with tango music in 1998. It took more than 10 years to start dancing instead of just listening, but it worth that.
Both loves Golden era and Neo tango music and hopes that some day they can at last live in harmony

Music flows in me and I flow with music
Every set I play is live and depends on the dancefloor right here right now
Love that kind of continious music flow, that takes dancers thru time and range of emotions.

I’m in love with process – of searching and trying something new, changing, combining it into stream at console, feeling dancers energy…
The only frustrating thing is that there are things I really want to dance, but never have an opportunity. So I dance them solo, while mixing ))))

– a question of taste

Origin: Moscow, Russia

Rank your favourite music style when playing:

I play quite wide range of music styles, starting from classics and to hip-hop. For me it’s not even that much about I personally like, but about what will make dancers happy.

Are you dancing yourself?
Oh yes, and with great pleasure 🙂

Which year did you start to Dj?
Real start I count from 2015

What was the trigger that made you start DJing?
Would say Fate ))
I experimented with danceable music, but it wasn’t really serious thing,
In 2015 one of djs of Neotango Rave couldn’t come, so I got proposal to try myself.
Was writing back, when my phone started to ring. I answered call and accidentally sent it as “I would like to but”, without second part about doubts and lack of experience… so when I finished phone conversation, I found myself already in. So it started.

What is the main quality a DJ needs to have from your point of view?
As everywhere, passion, I think… What else can make one search, try new, take risks and challenges, work on self education for years to become a little bit better then yesterday?

About cortinas: how long, why and kind of music?
Playing Neotango I never use cortinas – prefere continuous music flow. In those situations where I need to play mixed music it’s usually one song, which works as cortina and on the same time as indicator of moment when it will be natural to switch into total Neotango without breaks

What is your playlist system? Always the same or do you adjust it; when and why?
Never the same. ) Actually there is never whole playlist I follow – every single milonga is different, so you never know what to expect and have to be ready to improvise. So I prepare sketches, ideas I would like to try, paths to explore… What will be played in reality always depends on dancefloor here and now. Sure I have some sets of songs which are guaranteed work good together, but even they change – it’s ongoing process of rebuilding order, skipping one song, adding another…

Somebody comes to the Dj booth and asks you to play a song. Your answer?
Mostly at console I have earphones on, so just don’t hear ))
In general I don’t like that idea of asking for song – it’s disrespectful to dj’s work as well as disrespectful to other dancers

What would be your last song you played on a Tango Festival or Marathon?
The very very last? Oh, hard choice… There are some songs I love to play last, but still, depends sooo much on dancefloor…

If you would have a free wish, which Festival or Marathon would you like to play at?
Maybe invade something super-traditional, I like experiments ))

Main events

Neotango Rave, Bremen 2015-18
Roma Neotango marathon 2016-17
6-th Athens tango marathon 2015
TNT marathon Toulouse 2016
1 Stuttgart Neotango marathon 2016
Tango marathon Nantes 2017
Tangopostale festival, Toulouse 2017-18
International Tango Biathlon, Munich, 2018
Amsterdam Neotango marathon 2018
Contemporary Tango Festival, Berlin 2018
Greek Neotango marathon 2018

Local milongas Moscow, Warsaw, Paris, Rome, Bremen, Berlin, Hannover, Luneburg, Lausanne, Morges, Yverdon…
After party, stay tuned.
More info soon

Anna djing


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