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About us  .

World Tango Society

We profile ourselves as an ambitious and open network with respect for the roots, the origin, the different developments and further evolution of the Argentine Tango dance.
Tango interest is growing like never before, creating opportunities for thousands of people. This requires a structure, an overview of which trends are brooding, what is broiling among local tango communities, what are the points of interest of the mainstream tango, how is tango evolving, are there new sub-categories to be added or clarified, how at the same time preserve the “original” tango and open up to new ideas, new orientations. We serve as a global forum, we focus on all levels, regions, tendencies, connections, ages, genders and develop friendly relations among the worldwide different tango communities.

Dance Events
In our worldwide mission we initiate local events for each community. Recently celebrated kick off:
– Super Sundayz (Antwerp)
– Tango Beach Festival (The Hague)
– World Tango Congress Netherlands (The Hague)
– Encuentro Milonguero –  Mystique! (Amsterdam)

Cinema – Community Movie Night
For the cinephiles or tango feverish people among us, we introduce you to Argentine Tango movies. They do not concern mainstream films usually released in the Belgian and Dutch movie theaters. It is rather about niche motion pictures. We put a lot of effort in it, to bring you Tango Movie Nights.

Concert – Community live!
Tango is so much more when a live orchestra plays for you. That special attraction, we bring to you. Regularly we organise tango concerts and afterwards you are able to put on your dancing shoes. An event that sparkles more than the regular concert or milonga.

Loyalty Card – Connected Card
To reward passionate tango people worldwide we launch WTS Connected card. It connects merchants and tango aficionados with each other. To obtain fun rewards, privileges or experiences you have to be member. Join NOW. Its free.

World Tango Society delegates demonstrate a leadership ability and a commitment to contributing to their national (local) Tango Community. They encourage people to participate in this groups interspersed with its cultural heritage. Interested to become an ambassador, click here!

Tango as intangible Heritage
Argentine Tango is a legacy from the past, what we live today and pass on to the future generations. What is most important is the knowledge and skills that we transmit from one generation to the next. With respect and in accordance with the ideas and thinking of Unesco – that recognized Argentine Tango in 2009 as a intangible cultural heritage – we contribute to this appreciation and safe-guarding its recognition.

Annual meeting
We stage an annual Meeting where the most valuable national and international Tango related people [maestros, teachers, DJs, organizers, …] and other forward-thinking organisations are joined. It provides a forum where all can express their views. At the Meeting, delegates debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the issues Argentine Tango faces. Sharing experience and exchanging knowledge to implement worldwide. More information and to apply, click here!

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Social media
World Tango Society unifies an international society of tango lovers, dancers, artists, maestros, teachers, musicians, DJs, students, or whatever your angle of approach is, in a collaborative platform on facebook and Instagram. In this global community we invite you to share your knowledge and inspiration through chats and discussions, to take part in our mission. Interested to be an administrator or to moderate a Tango Community group on Facebook, send us an email.


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