About us

About us  .

World Tango Congress is hosted by World Tango Society, connecting aficionados world wide. With the Netherlands as a kick-off in aug 2018, more countries will follow soon.

We profile ourselves as an ambitious and open network with respect for the roots, the origin, the different developments and further evolution of the Argentine Tango dance, aimed to make Tango more attractive, to be different and… bring everyone together – ALL styles, ALL levels, ALL nationalities.

How it started
As a group of ambitious dancers we wanted to make a difference. In this way we started at an beautiful 5 star location Kurhaus in Netherlands with open air milongas. Completely free entrance, even without a voluntary contribution. When it became too large and too expensive, we set up this world platform.

Achievements fairy tale so far:
[Fe]Male invitable dancers Tanda Aventura …cambio! – Local tango communities World Tango Congress, the Netherlands (main event on tour) – Tango Beach Festival – the Netherlands

We believe in traditions, but sometimes we also need modifications.
In 2019 we decided to make some crucial steps with the introduction of red ribbons rock and cortinas in the neoroom just simply to make tango more attractive, accessible and friendly, to unite dancers and want you to take home the best experience and memories.
And it worked already pretty well, but of course – that was only the first step, now we need to adapt that concept following many of your feedbacks.
We will continue to improve, set standards and being different. And of course, keep listening to you.

World Tango Society delegates demonstrate a leadership ability and a commitment to contributing to their national (local) Tango Community. They encourage people to participate in this groups interspersed with its cultural heritage. Interested to become an ambassador, click here!

You want to be part of a multinational team organizing a great event and have a glimp behind the scenes? We are looking for a number of enthusiastic & reliable Tangueras/os which wants to be part of us working on World Tango Congress. Interested to become a volunteer click here!

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– Tango Beach Festival 2019 – Kurhaus, the Netherlands 

We are travelling a lot, you might meet us at many events around the world. Do not hesitate to talk to us, give us feedback and tell us your wishes and needs.
– united by passion for Argentine Tango!

If you would like to have a designated place in our expo, you are advised to contact us, well in advance. To be sure of your spot, you must book early. Places are limited. When we reached our quota, you will be put on a waiting list. After all we want to offer to our attendees quality and a selected choice.
Thank you for understanding

Email: info@worldtangosociety.com || www.worldtangosociety.com

Let the magic begin …

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