Join us and be part of a new world society!

You like the vibe of our events and you think that there are more people who should know about it? Well spread the word and gain some super cool rewards!  We expand our ambassador team and you can become a representative in your area.

Festival – Marathon – Congress
You are a passionate tango dancer? You like to travel? You want to connect with more like-minded dancers?
Then why not promote our Events and be part of World Crew Ambassadors?

What do we expect?

In the scene you always approach, socialise and speak with other attending tangueri. Why not mention our events and society in the conversations? Draw their attention to a worldwide network about tango. Spread your enthusiasm about this Argentine dance linked with our interests and efforts to help building a worldwide connected Tango community.

What is in it for you?

  • Get free TicketsWhats in it for you?
  • Exclusively access to secret society ‘Ambassador – World Tango Society’
  • Get discounts for your friends and others as well
  • Use our festival graphics and T shirts to promote

Encuentro Milonguero – ¡Mystique!
Are you lover of milonguero style and appreciate high level milongas, than this is for you.
As Ambassador you also invite dancers with a certain profile. Dancers can only become a member on the recommendation of another dancer or an ambassador.
Tango Encuentros are known as Encuentros Milongueros. This type of tango event gathers people who like to dance Milonguero style with a very close embrace and proposes a more traditional approach to the dynamics of the Milonga. Only social dancing time tend to be on offer with no lessons and shows, and strict tango codes like invitations by Cabeceo, rules of floor craft and even in some cases split sitting between men and women are proposed and enforced. It is common that you may require to register for Encuentros Milongueros well in advance to their starting date under role balancing conditions. Encuentros Milongueros are famous for attracting quite high-level dancers although it might be tricky secure a spot on them.

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